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Not all payrolls are made equally, and few understand this as much as payroll bureaux who handle hundreds of unique clients daily. That’s why we’ve created Payroll Bureau Software to ensure you have the tools needed to efficiently process compliant and correct payrolls.

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Solutions for Payroll Bureau

We saw the challenges of managing multiple payrolls and responded by creating comprehensive Payroll Bureau Software.

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 clients, our solutions provide the tools needed to streamline processes and handle even the trickiest reporting requirements, enabling you to manage deadlines and expand your offering.

You’ll also find a range of modules such as digital payslips and ex-pat payroll management, further enhancing your services.

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Jacqueline Twigg, Payroll Manager

IRIS Earnie IQ

“I have worked on many payroll systems over the last 30 years and IRIS would be my system of choice every time!”

Aysgarth Chartered Accountants

Simon Young, Managing Partner

IRIS Bureau 50 / IRIS AE Module / IRIS OpenPayslips

“I would definitely recommend IRIS Software as they improved our efficiency when running our clients’ payroll and completely take care of Automatic Enrolment calculations, which has saved us both time and money.”

Partners in Care

Sharon Elvin, Registered Care Manager

IRIS Fully Managed Payroll

“With IRIS, we no longer have to worry about new legislation or updates. The changeover was very smooth and being able to give the carers’ hours on a spreadsheet each month to receive pay records and payslips by return is fantastic.”