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We bring next-generation education software solutions into schools and multi-academy trusts, reinventing the way data and insights are used to improve educational outcomes.

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Making every school day a smarter one

Schools and trusts are already hubs of smartness, from expert educators to handy resources, clever technology, and reams of insightful data. But can they be even smarter?

IRIS’s education software solutions helps good schools become great. We use technology to connect people with data, creating intelligent insights to help educators make better decisions and deliver smarter outcomes for pupils.

Our Products

Smarter technology means smarter data, which in turn lets schools and trusts make smarter decisions that achieve better outcomes for pupils.

Find out more about our suites of software designed to help you work smarter in education.

IRIS Financials

Save time and reduce the risk of errors with more accurate financial reporting.

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IRIS Analytics

Make better decisions faster, with our powerful business intelligence software.

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IRIS Assets

Asset management and compliance made easy.

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IRIS Financial Planner

Complex school and trust budgeting made simple, secure, dynamic and user-friendly.

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PS Cloud

Ensure your files and applications are always available, from any location.

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IRIS Invoice Matcher

Transforming your trust’s invoice management through automation.

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IRIS ParentMail

A flexible, all-in-one parent engagement system bridging the gap between school and home.

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Online Form Collection

Stop sending unreliable letters home in a bag by setting up questions for parents online.

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IRIS Reach

Make communication with parents easier, less expensive, faster and more effective.

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IRIS PlusPay

Make life easier for schools, parents and pupils through a simple, flexible approach to online school payments.

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IRIS Looked After Call

An innovative centralised management system for virtual schools to safeguard looked after and vulnerable children.

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IRIS Absence Call

Automate first-point-of-contact via phone, text or email in case of unexpected absences.

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IRIS Ed:gen

A next-generation school management system accessible anytime, anywhere and gives you real-time data at your fingertips.

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IRIS Payroll

Simplify and automate complex payroll requirements with specially-designed software.

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IRIS BioStore

A comprehensive biometric identity management solution to give you total peace of mind.

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IRIS FasTrak

Streamlined school meal management for primary and secondary schools.

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Parents Evening Manager

An innovative, easy-to-use system to manage, administrate, and streamline parents evening.

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Every HR by IRIS

A complete Human Resources software that streamlines HR management, supports all employees to maximise performance and improves strategic decision-making in schools and MATs.

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Remove the burden of processing payroll and pensions by outsourcing to our fully managed payroll and pension management service for schools, academies and MATs.

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PS People

Advanced HR and payroll management that works hand in hand with the IRIS Financials suite.

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Each solution now plays an intrinsic role in the running of our schools. Due to the integration offered across the IRIS Education suite, when used together the solutions become even stronger
Alex Robbins, Director of IT, Durrington Multi Academy Trust

Technology for all

Technology that is truly smart caters to the needs of everyone within a school, from teachers and staff, to pupils to parents.

How can IRIS Education help your school or trust?

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Smarter Schools Guide

Smarter Schools Guide

IRIS Education helps to connect people with data, creating intelligent insights that help educators make better decisions and deliver smarter outcomes for pupils.

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Just imagine if all the data in your school connected up to give you better insights, guide you towards more impactful decisions, and help you reach smarter outcomes.

With IRIS Education, data does just that.


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