IRIS Looked After Call

An innovative MIS for virtual schools in local authorities to safeguard looked after children.

  • Secure, centralised calling platform
  • Identify trends and action early interventions
  • Meet local authority duties and Ofsted reporting guidelines
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Safeguarding software for vulnerable school children in local authorities

A secure, centralised platform that enables virtual schools to identify trends and action early interventions to support the education and wellbeing of vulnerable children.

IRIS Looked After Call is a specialised platform supporting local authorities in meeting their duties under the Children Act 1989 to safeguard and monitor looked after children. Flexible reporting options also allow you to meet Ofsted and statutory reporting guidelines with ease.

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  • Regular phone calls Daily phone calls to schools to collect AM and PM attendance marks. Attendance reports are updated dynamically.
  • Self-serve portal Authorised personnel can upload attendance marks, assessments, and online PEPs to the innovative self-serve portal.
  • Bespoke plans Build bespoke plans, personalised to students of all ages, abilities and profiles and benefit from easy and intuitive access, at any time, for any authorised stakeholder.
  • Advanced personalisation Personalise emails with the child’s name, data, and attachments, as all communications are encrypted.
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What are the benefits of safeguarding software for schools?

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Ensure the best educational and safeguarding outcomes for looked-after children

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Get instant alerts for unauthorised absence and exclusions

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Better safeguard students by sending real-time alerts to key users

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Provide easy, intuitive, and anytime access to the system, but only to the right people

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Build bespoke safeguarding plans, personalised to students of all ages, abilities, and profiles

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Improve security by encrypting data with 256-bit secure socket layer tech and HTTPS protocols

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Meet all Ofsted and statutory reporting guidelines through flexible reporting options

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