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Get rewarded for recommending IRIS solutions

Our referral program is perfect for advocates and specialists that want to help their network of clients and prospects thrive, while getting rewarded for recommending solutions they’ll love.

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A program designed to deliver success

  • Growth

    Build a new sustainable revenue channel to help grow your business

  • Success

    Provide your clients with solutions that will help them become more efficient

  • Support

    Access a broad range of support and enablement resources to strengthen your credibility

How the referral program works

Recommend IRIS HR & payroll, accounting, education, or business management solutions to your network of customers and prospects and earn a competitive referral fee for every business that becomes an IRIS customer.

Once referred, IRIS will manage the entire process from sale to implementation, and lifetime support so you can focus on the things that matter.

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Why join the referral program?

The IRIS Affinity Partner Program offers a clear system of benefit entitlement, growth opportunities and ways to strengthen your relationship with IRIS.

  • Additional revenue. Get rewarded with a referral fee for every business that becomes an IRIS customer
  • Free. There are zero costs to joining the IRIS Partner Program
  • Build credibility and standout in your industry via your IRIS partnership
  • Benefit from exceptional support across enablement, technical support, and sales & marketing to help you achieve your goals

You’ll be in great company 

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