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IRIS Anywhere empowers your accountancy firm to thrive wherever you need to work, through the combined power of the cloud and world class accountancy software.

Bringing together industry leading accountancy software with productivity boosting Microsoft tools into one single cloud-based platform, which is so much more than a hosted desktop. Use IRIS, Sage, Xero, Digita, CCH, Taxcalc or other software and carry on working from anywhere as if you were in your office.


IRIS Anywhere’s complete market-leading package gives you: sophisticated cybersecurity, bolstered business continuity, effective remote working, and dependable hardware management – all customisable for your organisation. Choose from one of our three service tiers to select the level of service which suits your business needs right now.

Peppermint cloud testimonial | IRIS Anywhere
My business partner Karen sits 30 miles away from where I sit. With a hosted solution we don’t have to have an expensive office. We just carry on using our software wherever we are and it’s absolutely brilliant.
Hannah Walton, Partner, Peppermint Cloud

Empowering you with freedom to work wherever you want

IRIS Anywhere enables you and everyone in your accountancy practice to carry on your work from anywhere, at any time, no matter what’s happening in the world. Whether it’s another lockdown or extreme weather keeping you out of the office, your business can continue functioning effectively, uninterrupted, and you can continue providing excellent service to clients.

  • Work from anywhere on a secure virtual desktop in the cloud or from any device (laptops, desktops, mobiles).
  • Gain exactly the same look and screen set up as if you were logging on to your office PC, giving you simplicity and continuity
  • Built in is the power of the world’s most popular office tools, including: Microsoft core Office applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, along with services such as Exchange, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams
  • Host online meetings with internal and external users including screen sharing.
  • Corporate Email and Calendar (up to 50GB per user as standard) accessible from anywhere.
  • Take your telephone system with you wherever you go. Make and receive phone calls from anywhere with a cloud-based phone system including consultative transfer, music-on-hold and cloud voicemail.
Empowering You with Freedom to Work Wherever You Want
Harnessing the Power of Cloud for Optimal Productivity

Harnessing the power of cloud for optimal productivity

IRIS Anywhere brings together the best accountancy software and the huge benefits of the cloud into one place.

You get all the cloud support services your business needs to stay connected,  maintain control, and be secure in the cloud-based world in which it operates. All with the peace of mind that your business is secure, productive, and cost-effective.

  • Work from any Internet connected device with a familiar Windows 10 desktop environment.
  • Through our tailored products and services, including the power of Microsoft office tools, IRIS Anywhere ensures your people are more productive
  • Enables your workforce to access all of their apps and work from any location
  • Stay connected to your colleagues and clients
  • Maintain the security of the business by sifting out threats and attacks
  • Flexible device management, no matter where you are.

Need a complete solution for working securely and successfully from anywhere? Get in touch.

Look no further than IRIS Anywhere for the all-in-package providing flexibility, business continuity, and device management

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IRIS Anywhere Benefits

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Elevate your productivity

Get work done from anywhere, at any time, with a seamless solution that gives you a flexible office.

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Access files anywhere 24/7

Easy access and file sharing wherever you are on any device.

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Value for money

Reduce your outlay, with flexible and predictable monthly costs.

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Successful collaboration

Enable effective home working and keep teams connected wherever they are.


When we reach tax busy season – or other really busy periods like year-end – I need extra power to make sure everything works well and quickly and I can meet every single deadline without the stress of things going wrong. How does IRIS Anywhere help?

IRIS Anywhere is designed to adapt to your needs, giving you the ability to add ‘power boosts’ when seasonal demand increases or unexpectedly you are more busy than usual. So, for accountants in tax busy season, you get that extra helping hand. Users also get an automatic increase in platform resources by 10% for one month a year.

My staff are now working from home for the foreseeable future and so we need a secure, integrated and high performing solution to maintain productivity. In what way can you meet this need?

That’s exactly what you get with IRIS Anywhere. Working from home becomes a doddle. Staff get a version of their office PC that looks identical, making it easy to continue with business as usual.
Work from any internet- connected device with the power of the world’s number one choice for office tools – Microsoft. Security is a fundamental part of the package. A sophisticated suite of tools ensures your vital data is protected and you have the peace of mind that cybersecurity is taken care of.

My staff are no longer meeting each other or our customers in offices. We need a solution to help us collaborate and communicate with our customers.

One of the great features of IRIS Anywhere is that it enables you to enhance collaboration between remote workers and continue effectively communicating with clients. It gives you the ability to utilise MS Teams for chat, video conferencing and calls, and also other collaboration tools from the Windows 10 Desktop, such as file sharing and collaborative working from OneDrive.

My users are using more devices, more applications and from more locations than ever before. It is increasingly critical that we maintain the security of our data and applications. Can you provide this?

Yes. IRIS Anywhere provides enhanced high-level security through hosting within the cloud, meaning far greater protection against emerging cyber threats. As well as real-time anti-virus and malware protection, Advanced Threat Protection is in place to ensure the safety of email attachments and web links.  Anti-Phishing intelligence helps to detect unusual behaviour.

We are sharing sensitive information across more platforms and via more channels than ever before. We need assurance that information is being shared appropriately and securely.

Protecting customers’ sensitive data is a critical part of IRIS Anywhere, with many existing threats to tackle, including phishing attacks, malware, and data thieves. Sophisticated cybersecurity is integral to the service, with a range of measures built in, including: encrypted email, automatic detection of sensitive data, identity management with access controls and Multi-Factor Authentication. You also get the ability to restrict who can forward, copy and print sensitive information.