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With around 30 million people employed in the UK it’s imperative that employees are paid on time and accurately. As one of the UK’s leading payroll software providers we understand how important a role software can play for bureaux, and businesses of all sizes wanting to pay people.

Find out more about payroll software and all the various options available.

What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software is a tool used by employers and payroll bureau companies to pay wages and manage pay details and benefits. Gone are the days of manually working out an employee’s wage and stuffing cash into brown envelopes. As the majority of employees are paid directly to their bank account, a payroll system does the heavy lifting ensuring a timely and pain-free pay day.

Also referred to as a payroll system, payroll software can vary from traditional desktop solutions to cloud-based options. Traditional payroll software is installed and manually maintained on a computer whereas cloud payroll is web-based (online) and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

It’s important to understand the difference between cloud payroll and desktop software when making a final decision.

Payroll Software Feature Key


Small Business

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. HR software with this icon on it will feature only the elements that benefit smaller businesses.


Large Business

HR Software built with larger business in mind. Able to handle more complex requirements and capabilities.



Cloud software allows users to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Ideal for remote workers and employees who work from various locations.



Having software that can easily integrate with your other systems increases efficiencies. Share data across systems and save valuable time and money.



Scalable software gives you the ability to add or remove features as and when you need them. These features can be added in the form of modules (add-ons).



Customise your HR Software with helpful add-ons (modules). Quickly plug-in additional functionality when your business needs it and remove them when it doesn’t.

Payroll Products for SMBs

Payroll Products for Large Businesses

Integrated Payroll and HR Products


Traditional Payroll Software Benefits

  • No internet required – This payroll software doesn’t need an internet connection to work unlike cloud-based software. If you’re working remotely in an area that doesn’t have an internet connection, you may struggle with cloud-based software.
  • No Change – Employees may be more used to traditional payroll software and have difficulty or resistance to learning a cloud-based one.
  • One Payment – With desktop applications, you pay for the product upfront and it’s yours, unlike cloud-based software which typically involves monthly payments or requires renewal.

Cloud Payroll Software Benefits

  • Accessibility – Accessible at any time through a website browser, payroll software on the cloud is more flexible with when and where you can use it. Users can see each other’s data and information in real-time, removing any delays due to dependencies.
  • Integration – If your payroll software is based on the cloud, it can often be integrated with other cloud systems too. This can help support business growth, streamline processes, and boost efficiencies.
  • Cost – Additionally, cloud-based payroll software can save you money compared to traditional options. This is because software development is carried out in-house by the provider, including ongoing updates and maintenance, so they absorb the cost. All a customer needs to do is pay for access to the software. Usually cloud-based payroll is paid for on a per payslip or per employee basis.

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Types of Software for Payroll

If you’ve been looking for payroll software recently you can be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the options available. Depending on the size of your business, the type of business you run, and the various payroll complexities within your workforce there will be a system that’s best for you. If you don’t want to do it all, there’s even payroll outsourcing services that’ll run your payroll for you.

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of the types of software and tools for payroll. You’ll find out-of-the-box payroll software that covers most business scenarios, as well as specific payroll software for particular business types and tasks.

If you do want to run payroll with software but not quite sure what you need, the best place to start is by asking yourself are you an employer of the people you’re paying or a payroll bureau? Bureaux can jump straight to the payroll bureau software section. If you’re an employer then continue on to find out more about features you need to consider and the options available to you.

  • Employer Payroll Software

    Whatever the size of your workforce, payroll software makes it easier to pay your employees and saves time.

    Look for software that is compliant with both Automatic Enrolment and RTI legislation. Your professional payroll software should give you the ability to make multiple payments and deductions, and in-depth reporting functionality; key to understanding your employee data and making continual business improvements.

  • Payroll Bureau Software

    As a specialist in providing payroll services for other businesses, bureaux need payroll bureau software they can rely on. Your software should be compliant with UK data protection legislation, RTI and Automatic Enrolment.

    Look for software that helps with specialist payroll requirements such as LGPS, Teachers’ Pension, CIS, and expatriate payrolls. Other important features to consider include simple payslip distribution, customisable access levels, and support.

    Our payroll software for bureaux provides all of the above to help you run and grow your business. Discover all of our Payroll Bureau products now.

  • Payroll Software for Small Businesses

    If you employ less than 10 employees, then you’ll want to consider payroll software designed for small businesses. There are many benefits to using a system specific to your business size. One benefit is setup and implementation which is far easier and quicker with payroll software for small businesses. Another benefit is around cost, which is far less than comprehensive tools with features that you’ll never use.

    Our small business payroll software boasts all the essential tools to help you pay your people. Visit our sister company Staffology Payroll for our cloud offering or check out our full range of payroll products for SMBs.

  • Payroll Software for SMBs

    Businesses with around 10-250 employees will require a more robust payroll system.

    When choosing payroll software for a small to medium-sized business think about the additional complexities of pay details and benefits.

    Another important feature is automation. With a larger workforce comes higher volumes of payroll tasks. Time-saving automation functions can really improve productivity, and consider options that can integrate with your other business software such as accounting software.

    Cloud-based payroll software can be a powerful tool for SMBs and having an employee self-service function can boost productivity even further.

  • Payroll Software for Larger Organisations

    When the number of employees within a business exceed approximately 250, the complexities evolve on to a whole new level. As a large business you’ll require payroll software that can keep you compliant with RTI, Automatic Enrolment and data security, as well as streamline payroll processes.

    Consider features such as employee self-service and automation to help reduce workload. Integration with other business software is a must for capitalising on efficiencies, and comprehensive reporting can help improve business decisions.

    For fully-compliant payroll software that meets all your reporting and compliance needs.

  • Cloud Payroll Software

    Businesses of all sizes are switching to cloud-based solutions. With cloud payroll software being web-based, it means payroll teams can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud software is also referred to as online payroll software or SaaS (Software as a Service).

    With the rise in remote working, cloud payroll systems are becoming increasingly popular with employers.

    Discover our range of cloud payroll products or find out more about the benefits of web-based payroll.

  • Payroll Systems for Specific Industries

    Some organisations have nuances associated with their payroll and can benefit from specialist payroll software tailored to their area.

    Some of the areas we offer specialist payroll solutions for include healthcare, education, construction (CIS) and accountants.

    We have a range of software to help specific organisations that you can browse.

  • Payroll Tools for Specific Tasks

    Some businesses will require specialist payroll software for specific needs. You may need to pay expatriates, provide earnings on demand or distribute payslips through an online portal. Other tools include faster payments, holiday pay modules and even remote payroll entry software.

    As a leading payroll software provider we understand what businesses need to support their payroll team.

    Take a look at the range of payroll tools to help bolster your business.

  • Payroll and HR Integration

    Payroll and Human Resources go hand-in-hand within a business. Many business can make huge savings in efficiency when choosing HR and Payroll software which integrate with one another. Look for payroll software that integrate with multiple brands (not just its own) and other systems such as accounting.

    Whilst Payroll software and HR systems can be separate, integrated payroll and HR systems allows common data to be shared, re-keying of data and potential for errors is mitigated, and cost are reduced.

    Discover our full range of payroll and HR products now.

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