IRIS Earnings On Demand

Support financial wellness and improve staff retention with IRIS Earnings On Demand, powered by Hastee.

IRIS Earnings: Make Timesheets Simple

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Ensuring the financial wellness of your workforce is becoming an increasingly important responsibility. IRIS Earnings On Demand enables you to empower employees, providing them on-demand access to a portion of their earnings. Powered by Hastee.

Relieve financial pressures with Earnings On Demand

Earnings On Demand uses data from your payroll and HR systems, operating with no impact to your cashflow or cost to your company. By allowing employees access to a portion of their earnings, unexpected costs are absorbed whilst productivity and wellbeing are simultaneously improved.
  • Allow employees to withdraw up to 50% of their earned salary within the pay period.
  • Easily access Earnings On Demand via an app wherever and whenever needed.
  • Employees are charged a fair and simple fee, protecting them from extortionate loans and ensuring no financial risk for your company.
  • Minimise administrative processes by integrating Earnings On Demand with your HR systems.

How can Earnings On Demand help?

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Relieve financial pressures to reduce stress and increase employee productivity.

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Employees are more loyal if flexible pay is offered, reducing turnover by up to 54%.

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Allow employees to absorb unexpected costs and avoid expensive short-term loans.

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No credit or debt checks are required as Earnings On Demand simply processes earned pay.

Key Features

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Accessible anytime, anywhere

Allow employees to access their pay immediately via a 24/7 on-demand app.

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Easy to manage

Earnings On Demand integrates your HR systems.

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Zero cost to your company

By charging employees fair and simple fees, your business is exposed to no financial risk.

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Attract the best talent

Offering flexible pay makes you a destination employer, promoting your focus on staff wellbeing.