IRIS Central

Your control tower for more effective trust management

The successful trusts of tomorrow need full and fast access to data today. Cloud-based IRIS Central delivers just that; consolidating data from multiple sources in *real time and transforming it into user-friendly dashboards, complete with pioneering analytics, to enable impactful decision making and stronger performance.

IRIS Central

Data holds the key to understanding performance, targeting meaningful intervention, driving effective trust management, and improving outcomes. Yet capturing data is typically siloed, manual, and costly. By the time you’ve collated the data you need, it’s already out of date.

IRIS Central consolidates data from multiple MIS applications, HR and Finance systems and external data sources. Giving you a central hub of intelligent insights at your fingertips; a control tower capable of delivering holistic visibility over all KPIs and revolutionising trust management.

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Key Benefits

  • Improve pupil outcomes

    Pulling data from whichever MIS your schools use, IRIS Central empowers trusts to track and monitor attendance, attainment, behaviour and safeguarding at school, year group and pupil level and make rapid, informed interventions that champion better outcomes for all.

  • Retain and manage staff

    Integrated HR dashboards help MATs improve people management and efficiency by tracking trends over time, obtaining a firmer handle on staff absence and controlling recruitment costs across the group.

  • Save time

    No need to trawl through multiple systems to extract the data you need. Leave manual analysis in the past where it belongs. IRIS Central does the heavy lifting for you and does it fast, with a consolidated view of interrogatable data, real time analytics and role-based reporting.

  • Save money

    Balancing the books is becoming harder for trusts in today’s economic climate. IRIS Central gives MATs tighter control over budgets, with integrated finance dashboards and real time analytics that shed light on the true cost of a trust’s curriculum and scenario modelling that provides instant insight into the impact of proposed action.

  • Supercharge growth

    Poor performance and inefficient processes are barriers to growth. IRIS Central tackles these barriers head on by providing holistic visibility and intelligent analytics that facilitate immediate and impactful decisions to drive up performance and encourage the financial sustainability needed for successful growth.

  • Tailor made for you

    Each trust is different so why settle for something ‘off the shelf’. With IRIS Central, you can build dashboards around what matters to you and realise immediate benefit.

  • Benchmark your performance

    IRIS Central links to multiple platforms and data sources to give you a complete view, including externa data sources such as Ofsted and IDACI data. Compare attendance, Ofsted ratings and more against other school and trusts in your region with ease.

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Nic Clark - headshot - IRIS Ed:gen for schools

Spotlight on functionality

Like the idea of creating your own control tower for more effective trust management? Allow product expert, Nic Clark, to walk you through his favourite features and benefits…

“Keeping track of things like staff performance, pupil attainment and budget management for one school is tricky. Attempting to do it for multiple schools can be, let’s face it, a nightmare. You know the data exists but collating, interpreting, and acting on it quickly has traditionally been an impossible task.

“Contrastingly, IRIS Central empowers trusts to access ALL group data from an array of sources in one, secure, cloud-based system. What’s more, the rich and insightful reporting dashboards make light work of understanding performance against limitless measures so that smart action can be taken.

“Take a look at my top three features of IRIS Central that’ll help revolutionise the way you run your trust.”

  • Compatible with any MIS
    “That’s right! IRIS Central is compatible with any MIS so even if your schools are using different legacy MIS platforms, you’ll be able to access a complete, trust-wide picture. And because IRIS Central is hosted in Azure for maximum security, you’ll be able to access it anytime and from anywhere too.”
  • HR & Finance integrations

    “We know the data you need to operate an effective MAT extends beyond what’s collected from your schools’ MIS platforms. That’s why IRIS Central integrates seamlessly with HR and Finance systems; offering increased visibility and control over these core business functions.

    “There’s no need to be concerned about users accessing sensitive data. IRIS Central allows you to set your own role-based access and reporting petametres to determine which users can access which reports, including how far down they can drill.”

  • Benchmarking
    “This hot of the press feature is one that our MAT customers are getting really excited about. And for good reason.
    “IRIS Central gives trusts the ability to benchmark performance across a variety of metrics, from Ofsted ratings to IDACI to national, regional, and local authority attendance data, via seamless integration with multiple external data sources. This helps trusts understand the bigger picture impacting their schools and pupils, learn what’s worked (and what hasn’t) from comparable schools, and inform smarter continuous improvement activity.”

Why IRIS Education?

Making life easier for the trusts that we work with is at the heart of all we do.

If you are already an IRIS customer, using other IRIS products, you’ll benefit from even more features and functionality with IRIS Central. IRIS Ed:gen customers will see data in real time, whilst IRIS Finance and Every HR customers will see their data in Central.

For every challenge your trust encounters, there’s an innovative EdTech solution ready to overcome it within our extensive product portfolio. Learn more about our suite of products here.

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