Powerful business intelligence software

Make better decisions faster, with our powerful business intelligence software.
IRIS Analytics takes the time and pain out of reporting – bringing together all your data and turning it into useful insight.

Financial management solutions for complex businesses and not-for-profit organisations

We understand that many organisations struggle with the sheer weight of financial administration, repetitive (often manual) tasks, and trying to consolidate information across all areas from all over the organisation to get a clear picture of what’s going on. Our financial software alleviates admin burdens and takes all of this away, streamlining, simplifying, and automating management processes so that you can make better use of your precious time.

Unlock the power of data

All organisations have masses of valuable data, often hidden away within different departments and processes. IRIS Analytics can pull all that together, analyse it, and quickly tell you what you need to know.

  • Save hours of time and effort spent on researching and compiling complex reports.
  • Quickly combine data from multiple sources.
  • Create graphs, charts and visualisations at the touch of a button.
  • Speed up the decision-making process, with all the information you need at your fingertips.
Unlock the Power of Data
Make Better Business Decisions

Make better business decisions

IRIS Analytics lets you drill down into your data to make informed business decisions with confidence. It integrates seamlessly with IRIS software and can also pull in real-time data from third-party finance, HR, payroll and MIS systems.

  • Calculate the true cost of expenditure and individual initiatives.
  • Identify the impact of extending, shortening or changing organisational strategy.
  • Assess the effectiveness of ongoing strategies.
  • Compare costs and outcomes across your organisation.

Keep on top of compliance requirements

Many organisations struggle to keep up with constantly changing and evolving compliance and legislation. IRIS Analytics makes compliance reporting simple and helps identify risk.

  • Easily retrieve and consolidate required compliance data.
  • Assess the effectiveness of intervention strategies.
  • Combine and analyse data from disparate sources.
Keep on Top of Compliance Requirements

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Information any time, anywhere

Cloud-based and accessible real-time information, on any device. IRIS Analytics transforms data into revealing graphs, charts and visualisations.

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Make informed decisions

Take the guesswork out of managing your organisation. Drill down into one location or business function, or view data across your organisation.

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Simple self-service

The user-friendly interface gives you easy access to complex reports and data.

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Analyse data from multiple sources

Explore all your data by connecting to multiple data sources at once.