Invoice Matching Software

IRIS Invoice Matcher

Free yourself from hours spent manually processing and matching invoices with invoice processing software. IRIS Invoice Matcher automatically reads, matches and processes your incoming invoices – quickly and accurately. And, because it’s hosted in the cloud, it’s quick and easy to get started with no need for any upfront IT investment.

Why businesses choose invoice processing software

Automate manual, time-consuming, tasks, be at one with compliance, and make better business decisions based on better insights with invoice processing software.

With IRIS Invoice Matcher you’ll find more time to do more business which in turn will improve relationships with suppliers, improve invoicing, and help reduce human error in one powerful package that requires no additional IT requirements.

Free up valuable staff time

Manual invoice processing takes up many precious hours. Using advanced machine learning software, IRIS Invoice Matcher can read and understand every field of the invoice, then pair it with your financial records, with a sector-leading match rate.

  • Save your employees hours of time spent on manual data processing, when their skills could be better used elsewhere.
  • Analytics offer total visibility into performance and process metrics.
  • Streamline and simplify the entire invoice process.
  • Up to 71% faster than manual invoice processing and reduces invoice processing costs by up to 80%.
IRIS Compliance requirements | IRIS Invoice Matcher
IRIS Free up staff time | IRIS Invoice Matcher

Keep on top of compliance requirements

IRIS Invoice Matcher helps your business meet the strict invoice regulations and VAT requirements, as well as reduces the risk of mistakes and miskeying.

  • Eliminates the risk of human error.
  • Easily access all invoice and payment data, for improved analysis and reporting.
  • Move closer towards paper-free, straightforward processing, with no manual intervention – delivering ultimate data availability, reliability, and accuracy.

Improved visibility and insight

IRIS Invoice Matcher gives you a complete, end-to-end invoice matching process like never before. It also means you have access to all that data and can start to benefit from advanced analytics.

  • Drill down into the process with pre-built dashboards and monitor invoice activity for exceptions and patterns.
  • Get clearer insight into the process and identify any trends and bottlenecks that need resolving.
  • Improve supplier relationships, thanks to timely payments.
IRIS Improved visibility and insight | IRIS Invoice Matcher

Want to find out more

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Improved cycle times

With faster, rules-driven processing for invoice approvals and exceptions.

IRIS icon outlined bank | IRIS Invoice Matcher

Better supplier relationships

Through reduced – or even eliminated – late payments, increasing the opportunities for strategic partnerships.

IRIS icon outlined laptop graph 01 | IRIS Invoice Matcher

Reduced IT requirements

The machine learning algorithm already recognises thousands of suppliers, so there’s no need to onboard new ones.

IRIS icon outlined laptop graph 01 | IRIS Invoice Matcher

Streamlined processes

With all the data in one place and without the costly damage of human error.