IRIS Software Group

We provide industry leading business critical software solutions and services to manage core business operations. We started 45 years ago with accountancy software and have evolved to be relied on by more than 100,000 customers across 135 countries in accountancy, education and business.

Who is IRIS?

  • Sustainability

    We’re committed to being a sustainable business and work to identify, share, educate and promote environmental awareness within our business.

  • Society

    We believe it’s important to give back to charities and our communities. We regularly fundraise and support causes close to our hearts.

  • Our People

    We are a company built on hiring the best people. Our people are our greatest asset. They enable us to be the innovative, market-leading and high-performing company that we are today.

  • Governance

    We are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and here you can find details about our policies, processes and information about our business.

  • IRIS Companies

    We have propelled the business through both organic development and acquisitions. The mission is to acquire best of breed technology so customers can benefit from true automation and integration.

We help improve the way people work by making business processes more efficient.

Our software and services are used by accountancy and education professionals, and teams in payroll, HR and finance to solve some of the most essential operational business problems. From submitting a tax return and being paid on time, to improving work experiences and engaging with a child’s school, our customers save money, save time and know it’s right first time, every time.

We started 45 years ago with accountancy software and have evolved to be relied on by more than 100,000 customers across 135 countries in accountancy, education and business.


About IRIS Software Group

We help organisations to make better business decisions by developing integrated software solutions to minimise admin, make business processes more efficient and give more time to do what’s valued.

Accountants, schools, and teams in payroll, HR and finance use our software and services to solve some of the most important operational business problems.
These include the need to remain compliant with the law, drastically reduce time spent on administration and reporting; and generating actionable data insights to make better business decisions.

Our mission is to be the trusted provider of mission critical software and services, ensuring our customers get it right first time, every time

We hold our values close to our hearts by making an IMPACT.
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We are relied on by more than 100,000 customers across 135 countries in accountancy, education and business.

5 million

5m employees use our global and domestic payroll and HR solutions

Largest 3rd-party

We’re the largest third-party online filer with the UK Government

#54 of the top 100 US, #91 of the top 100 UK

We’re used by 54 of the top 100 US and 91 of the top 100 UK accountancy firms

1 in 8

One in eight UK employees are paid through our payroll solutions


500,000 pupils’ activity is processed by us

300 million

300m messages are delivered annually between schools and parents


Parents use our software to connect with their child’s school


SME’s use our cloud bookkeeping


UK firms rely on us for legislative compliance


We are creative and fearless in our work and curious and hungry to discover smarter solutions. We always focus on improvement and embrace change.

Make it Happen

We focus on the task at hand and produce high-quality results within ambitious timescales. We set stretch goals for ourselves and our teams and deliver at pace.


We take pride in our business. We are energetic, enthusiastic and highly self-motivated. We bring passion to our roles and encourage and inspire those around us.


We take ownership of our work and lead from the front. We seek out solutions, are trustworthy and act with integrity and honesty. We deliver on our promises.

05 iris values customer focus | About Us

The customer’s needs are our priority. We exceed their expectations and delight them with outstanding service and great outcomes.


We work effectively both independently and with colleagues. We collaborate widely and build supportive, open environments where people give their best. We appreciate, respect and care for others.

Our customers

Our customers are our heroes and we are proud to work with some prominent organisations.

Bailey Group Challenger Fairtrade Haines Watts Huddersfield Literature Festival
Johnston Smillie Kreston Reeves MHA NHS Oasis
PM M Self Help Africa Tearfund Throgmorton

Our awards