Every Compliance by IRIS

Manage all compliance requirements and areas from one central place. Real-time RAG-rated dashboards and interactive heatmaps provide full visibility over all tasks school and trust-wide, allowing the status of jobs to be quickly determined and prioritised.

  • End-to-end tracking of all compliance activities across a school or trust
  • Transformation of critical data into interactive graphs and charts to aid informed decision-making
  • Automated alerts to ensure tasks are completed by required due dates
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Maintain effective compliance management throughout your working day from anywhere, at any time, with Every Compliance by IRIS

Be fully assured that the state of your school or trust’s properties are held within complete audit trails, allowing you to focus time and energy on priority cases:

  • View and record all activities via smartphone apps to promote effective work.
  • Use historic and current data trends to pre-empt incidents, allowing timely interventions to avoid more significant events.
  • Monitor the progress of actions in real-time to better manage all risks, from operational to financial to reputational.
  • Securely store information from condition surveys then drastically reduce the time it takes to produce subsequent work programmes – by up to 85%.
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  • Business ManagementAccess all aspects of business management from one place to support proficient decision-making. Prevent contract renewals, generate detailed reports, and quickly draft documents using the extensive library of templates.
  • Asset Management Keep all asset information, like quantities and values, in a central store. Receive alerts when equipment is ready for renewal, accurately forecast for replacements, and calculate depreciation.
  • Condition Management Transform survey outcomes into detailed reports to support funding applications, bid writing, and the CIF. Effectively analyse the state of properties to prioritise remedial works and attention.
  • Project Management Help demonstrate that your CapEx is working to reduce urgent project backlogs. Use the automatic workflow to link condition to project and funding management, and easily assign tasks to other users.
  • Incident Reporting Document and track all incidents by severity, type, and day. Manipulate this data into trend graphs to help pre-empt and avoid negative events. Receive automatic alerts when incidents of certain severities are noted.
  • Risk Management Access a risk heatmap to determine mitigation actions and set review dates. View historic risk scores and use the live RAG reporting table to monitor current risks.
  • Trust Compliance Ensure compliance standards are set at trust level then drill-down into the finer details of each school/property to implement necessary individual measures.
  • Policies and Documents From one place, easily update and distribute policies and documents to groups of staff or selected individuals. Track read/unread statistics and send email reminders to encourage acceptance. Publish reformed versions to your school/trust website automatically.
  • Training and CPD Unite, track, and manage all training and CPD activities from a single tab. View employees’ logged hours and course statuses, automating alerts for those overdue to drive completion.
  • E-Learning Access a range of accredited CPD courses via different devices to maintain compliance with current workplace regulations. Courses can be started, paused, and resumed at any time, complementing the working day.
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What are the benefits of Every Compliance by IRIS?

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Record and view all areas of compliance from one central place. Access school or trust-wide overviews of tasks, then drill-down into the finer details for maximum knowledge.

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The practical and interactive interface displays information in a manner that is easy to understand, allowing data to be manipulated to aid informed and timely decision-making.

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Reflect on historic data and use current trends to improve condition and compliance across tasks, activities, and properties.

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Proactively oversee and manage projects to ensure prompt and positive financial outcomes. Quickly source and provide evidence required for a range of funding activities to improve sites.

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Ensure all processes, from risk management to statutory training, comply with requirements. Automate reminders and status notifications to ensure adherence to strict due dates.

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