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Get a clear understanding of every asset within your organisation. Our easy to use school asset manager software helps you improve everything from planning to analysis.

  • Improve your ability to plan, resource, and budget
  • Powerful tools for control, analysis, and forward planning
  • Simple to use and fully integrated mobile app
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IRIS Assets: gain true visibility across all of your assets

Keeping track of what equipment you have, where it is, and whether it’s compliant with current legislation can be a challenge. We can help.

At organisational level, IRIS Assets provides true visibility of all your school or trusts’s assets and acts as a powerful tool for control, analysis, and forward planning. Get a clear understanding of every asset within your organisation, making a huge difference to your ability to plan, resource, and budget.

Featuring a fully integrated mobile app, IRIS Assets is specifically designed to be simple for your users: just tag the asset with a sticker, scan, and log it.

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  • Centralised compliance tracking Ensure you meet your statutory obligations across your entire organisation by setting up automated facilities team and maintenance reminders.
  • Real-time data consolidation Your data syncs instantly across your organisation; no matter how many locations you operate from, all your users will access the same accurate, up-to-date values.
  • Cost efficient Our software can save you costs by precisely monitoring your assets at all times, reducing unexpected costs and increasing asset utilisation rates so that organisations can do more with their existing assets.
  • Business growth and scalability A spreadsheet is no longer an efficient tool when managing assets for a growing business. Our software can help you scale for future business growth by tracking, protecting, and valuing your assets no matter the size.
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What are the benefits of IRIS’s school asset manager?

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Centrally manage your school’s assets and compliance across multiple locations

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Access data from anywhere, anytime, on any device with cloud-based asset management software

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Reduce unplanned replacement costs due to loss, and increasing asset utilisation rates

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Ensure compliance tracking with automated maintenance reminders for your facilities team

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