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IRIS Business Tax

Business Tax- Invalid IXBRL Computation, Input is not a valid base-64 string

You get this error when generating the electronic tax return. This is a known issue in Business Tax which is…


IRIS Personal Tax, IRIS Business Tax

Business/Personal Tax submitted- HMRC confirmation receipt and email

When you have succesfully submitted a CT600/SA100 you should receive two items back - the Receipt and the HMRC email…


IRIS Business Tax, IRIS Personal Tax

Business/Personal Tax- Edit Agent, Invalid Folder, Com Track OR F/T box appears

When you make a edit to your agent address, agent credentials etc then a invalid folder warning and the 'Com…


IRIS Business Tax

Business Tax- 3001 9372, 9179, 9333 (Box 285, 295 and 300)

If you get all three codes when generating then its normally caused by a incorrect entry in BT losses being…


IRIS Business Tax

Business Tax - Asset Full Expensing 100% FYA

Full Expensing - It was recently announced by the government that from April 2023 until the end of March 2026…


IRIS Personal Tax

Personal Tax- Farmers Averaging 'Use IRIS Figures' and PT crash

This issue has been confirmed as a DEFECT in IRIS Version 23.3.0 and fixed when you update to IRIS Version…


IRIS Personal Tax

Personal Tax- 3001 8423 8414 CGT41 Less Equal to CGT35

The reason you are receiving the error is because there needs to be an entry in box 35, losses for…


IRIS Personal Tax

Personal Tax- Tax comp has unknown 'E','e' against a income type

What is 'E' = Estimated 1.Load the client in Personal tax 2. Check the income type and review all the…


PTP - How to re-establish a connection to the PTP TaxExpense Database

To re-establish a connection to the PTP Tax Expense database, please do the following steps. 1. Go into your PTP…


AML - IRIS Anti-Money Laundering Migration Guide

To migrate IRIS Anti Money Laundering to a new machine, please follow the steps below. 1. Install IRIS AML on…