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If you’re looking for tax software, you’re in the right place. As one of the UK’s leading providers, we understand that there are many different solutions depending on your requirements. Browse our wide range of tax solutions to find what you need and please get in touch or read our helpful resources if you need any additional information.

Not quite sure what you need? Read on to learn more about tax software, the different types available and let us help you find the right software for your tax needs.

What is Tax Software?

Tax software is a program that helps the user calculate taxation. Some taxation software will also allow the user to file directly to HMRC once calculations are complete. You may see tax software referred to as taxation software, tax return software, tax filing software, tax and accounts and the term “software” interchanged with program or system.

Tax software can be traditional ‘desktop’ based, where the user will install software directly to their device, or cloud-based accessed via the cloud and accessible from any device, anywhere with an internet connection.

Business Tax Products

Choose from a wide range of business tax software for businesses of all sizes. Select a product below to find out more details, or for more information please get in touch and one of our tax product experts will be more than happy to help.

Personal Tax Products

Choose from a wide range of personal tax software. Select a product below to find out more details, or for more information please get in touch and one of our tax product experts will be more than happy to help.

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Types of Software for Tax Returns

Both businesses and individuals are faced with a multitude of taxes. Some taxes are simple and can be calculated quite easily, while others are more complicated and require software to help. Below we’ll discuss the main types of tax software you’ll most likely require and the benefits of using them for your tax requirements.

  • Personal Tax Software

    Personal Tax Software

    Personal tax is when individuals or those self-employed need to complete a self-assessment tax return. In theory, it can be relatively simple, however, this isn’t always the case. It’s not only doing the tax return that can be more complicated than it seems, it’s also easy to forget to file it.

    If you want to be able to file individual tax returns effortlessly, no matter how complicated your circumstances, then personal tax software is ideal.

    Our personal tax accounting software is HMRC-recognised and MTD compliant. Find out more about IRIS Personal Tax and book a free demo.

  • Business Tax Software

    Business Tax Software

    When it comes to business tax returns, you need to ensure all bases are covered. From compliance to automation, the right business tax software can help you save time, by cutting down on things like data entry and remaining compliant with very little effort.

    Our business tax software ensures you don’t miss any important tasks and streamlines the low-value work. Discover IRIS Business Tax today.

    Learn more about business tax software for more specific requirements:

  • Business Tax Software for Accountants in Business

    Business Tax Software for Accountants in Business

    If you have a corporate finance department with accountants in business (AiB), you’ll want features such as iXBRL compliant computations and fully integrate with other solutions to help save time.

    Our business tax software for Accountants in Business helps handle corporation tax as well as all other important tax tasks. Check out IRIS Business Tax Software for AiB.

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  • Corporation Tax Software

    If you’re a limited company, a foreign company with a UK branch or office, or a club or co-operative, you must work out if you need to pay corporation tax. It’s not as simple as receiving a bill, instead, you must calculate the tax you owe, pay it and report your tax yourself on behalf of your company.

    Corporation tax software can help from the moment you register a business to keeping records of accounts and creating a company tax return. The software also facilitates making payments and keeping on top of tax return deadlines.

    Corporation Tax Software

    Interested in cloud corporation tax software? Take a look at our latest cloud-based solution IRIS Elements Tax and Accounts.

    IRIS Business Tax or IRIS Business Tax Software for AiB can help you deal with corporation tax duties.

  • Tax and Accounts Software

    Tax and Accounts Software

    Software for tax and accounts helps to increase practice productivity because it helps you to carry out tax calculations and file statutory accounts, as well as tax returns to Companies House and HMRC.

    IRIS Elements Tax & Accounts incorporates accounts preparation, corporation tax, personal tax, partnership tax, trusts and estates and VAT filing in one place for ease and time-saving.

    Our cloud tax and accounts software helps accountants work faster, more accurately, and from anywhere. Find out more about IRIS Elements Tax & Accounts.

  • Trust Tax Software

    Trust Tax Software

    Trusts can be taxed via income, capital gains and inheritance. They can get complicated which is why often only specialist accountants can handle them. Trust tax software can take this difficulty away by turning trust tax into a simplified data entry approach, where no trust knowledge is required, allowing any staff member to process trust data.

    Our trust tax software makes this once complicated tax area simple. Find out more and book a free demo of IRIS Trust Tax today.

  • VAT Filing Software

    VAT Filing Software

    VAT-registered businesses now have to submit their VAT Returns online. This is known as making tax digital (MTD) for VAT. Once registered, a company can’t directly access their online account to file a VAT return, instead, they need to use accounting software compatible with MTD.

    We have a range of VAT filing software to help you no matter your requirements. IRIS VAT Filer does exactly what it says on the tin and IRIS VAT Filer for AiB is specifically designed for accountants in business.

    For an end-to-end cloud accountancy solution which includes vat filing you should consider IRIS Elements.

  • Non-Resident Limited Company Returns Software (SA700)

    Non-Resident Limited Company Returns Software (SA700)

    Non-UK residential companies which have a branch or office in the UK need to complete income tax returns. SA700 is the form used to file a tax return for a foreign company.

    Non-resident limited company returns software can help speed up the process by generating the form automatically, calculating the net profit/loss on any properties entered, and producing income tax calculations and schedule of data reports.

    Need to complete income tax returns for a Non-UK residential company? Take a look at IRIS SA700 and book your free demo.

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For small to medium practices - IRIS Elements

Through cloud-based SaaS tech and just one client list, IRIS Elements gives you accuracy across all of your accounting products.

  • Tax
  • Accounts Production
  • Practice Management
  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Proposal Manager
  • Company Formations
  • Company Secretarial

Traditional Tax Software vs Cloud Tax Software

Accessibility to information is the primary difference you’ll find between cloud tax software (online tax software) and traditional tax software. This is because traditional software (also known as desktop software) is installed on individual devices, meaning information contained within it can only be accessed on devices with the software installed.

Traditional tax software doesn’t rely on an internet connection so is only restricted by the performance of your computer. However, data is often only shared through email or USB sticks, which can negatively impact security. Traditional software is siloed in that it can’t be integrated with other data that relates to the business and requires manual updates.

Cloud-based tax software is online, meaning it can be highly secured, information can be transferred quickly and easily when needed, it can automatically be kept up to date with the latest version, and it can be accessed from any device simply by logging in. Cloud software also easily integrates with other cloud applications which further saves time.

  • Traditional Tax Software

    • No internet required – Traditional tax software doesn’t need an internet connection to work like cloud-based does. This means if you’re travelling and areas don’t have internet, you may struggle with cloud-based software.


    • No Change – Employees may be more used to traditional tax software and have difficulty or resistance to learning a cloud-based one.


    • One Payment – With desktop applications, you pay for the product upfront and it’s yours, unlike cloud-based software which typically involves monthly payments or requires renewal.
  • Cloud Tax Software

    • Accessibility – Accessible at any time through a website browser, tax software on the cloud is more flexible with when and where you can use it. Users can see each other’s data and information in real-time, removing any delays due to dependencies.
    • Integration – If your tax software is based on the cloud, it can often be integrated with other cloud systems too. This can help support business growth and streamline processes.
    • Cost – Additionally, cloud-based tax software can save you money compared to traditional. This is because software development is carried out in-house by the provider, including ongoing updates and maintenance, so they absorb the cost. All a customer needs to do is pay for access to the software, not also for ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

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