Cloud software and solutions to power small businesses

Our software for small businesses lightens the heavy admin workload that comes with day-to-day responsibilities. We simplify complex tasks and automate repetitive ones – all while ensuring compliance with ever-changing legislation. When it comes to HR, payroll and accounting – our small business software has you covered.


Solutions for small businesses

  • IRIS Elements

    From £3 per month

    Accountancy cloud-based SaaS tech using just one client list. IRIS Elements gives you accuracy across all of your accounting products:

    • Modules including tax and accounts production
    • Free trial available
    • For sole practitioners, small accountancy practices or bookkeepers, and medium-sized practices

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  • KashFlow

    From £10 per month (+ VAT)

    Bookkeeping software that automates compliance obligations for VAT and tax, simplifies your business admin, and puts you in control:

    • VAT is automatically updated and can be submitted directly to HMRC
    • Get paid faster and improve cashflow wherever you are, with online payments
    • Data can be shared directly with your accountant for easy management
    • Keeps your accounts under control

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  • Staffology HR

    From £6 per month

    Helps you grow and maintain a positive culture while achieving your business goals:

    • Recruitment & onboarding
    • Training & Personal development plans
    • Rotas & timesheets
    • Position Management
    • GDPR compliant

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  • Staffology Payroll

    From £10 per month

    Show your employees you care by getting the important details right, bringing together the heart and science of a happy business:

    • Pensions and Auto-Enrolment
    • Expenses & Benefits (P11D)
    • Payroll Automation
    • HMRC Recognised (RTI & CIS)
    • Accounting Integration
    • Comprehensive REST API

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  • Rapid, automated payroll

    Managing your payroll – from payslips and pensions, to furlough payments – is accurate, easy, and up to date with latest legislation.

    • We’ve a proven track record of payroll experience and CIPP-accredited payroll managers available
    • Ensured compliance with Auto-enrolment (AE) and RTI legislation
    • Handles multiple payments and deductions, and has in-depth payroll reporting functionality.
  • Streamline HR processes and cut admin

    Flexible and streamlined software to help small businesses through every element of HR management.

    • Communicate and engage with your employees, easily and securely, wherever they’re based
    • Simplify HR processes, from onboarding and payslips, to holiday booking
    • Give employees control of their own data, with an easy-to-use self-service portal
  • Keeping vital data safe

    Our small business software helps you keep precious data and IT assets secure and protected.

    • Reliable, secure, and cost-effective IT, with 24-hour support, 7 days a week
    • Work securely from anywhere
    • Reduce the risk of accidental or planned data leaks
    • Encrypt all your data, emails, and attachments
  • Speedy, efficient bookkeeping

    Make bookkeeping a quicker and more efficient process, with our market-leading bookkeeping software for small businesses.

    • Share information with your accountant for easy management
    • Get paid faster and improve your cashflow
    • VAT can be automatically updated and submitted directly to HMRC
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Why choose IRIS Software for small businesses?

IRIS icon outlined money notes calculator | Small to Medium Businesses

Streamlined accounting processes

We make small businesses more efficient with powerful reporting and decision-making tools.

IRIS icon outlined people | Small to Medium Businesses

Improved HR processes

We provide simplified, automated and flexible Human Resources software to help you manage your workforce.

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Make payroll simple

We streamline your payroll responsibilities, so you can easily manage ever-changing legislation while ensuring staff are paid correctly and on time.

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Better engagement

We help small to medium-sized businesses communicate more effectively with staff, whether office based or working remotely.

Customer success stories

Kashflow 2 scaled 1 | Small to Medium Businesses
The beauty of KashFlow for us is it’s intuitive, it does all the double entry for you and if you make a mistake just delete it. KashFlow is ideal for experienced or novice bookkeepers, we recommend it all the time.
Norwyn Photography Video, KashFlow users
Regis discovers a simpler solution

Regis wanted to centralise and simplify its HR processes across locations but faced challenges in finding the best way to achieve this.

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Care agency reaps outsourcing benefits
Sharon Elvin, Registered Care Manager

With IRIS, we no longer have to worry about new legislation or updates. The changeover was very smooth and being able to give the carers’ hours on a spreadsheet each month to receive pay records and payslips by return is fantastic.

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