HR Management Software

Do you adore admin or enjoy manual reporting? We didn’t think so, but unfortunately, many HR professionals are consumed by tedious processes and admin-heavy tasks. That’s why our HR Management Software provides tailorable solutions to meet the unique demands of your organisation, enabling you to focus on your people.

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HR Solutions for Employers

We offer HR Management Software for organisations of any size, from small businesses just starting up to large corporate enterprises.

Supporting all Key HR processes, including recruitment, retainment and engagement, we provide the necessary tools needed to eliminate the associated admin so you can spend more time with people and less with paper.

Our solutions are also tailorable to your needs, ensuring you have the resources to reimagine how your HR function impacts your organisation and every aspect of the employee experience.

Regis Mutual

Helen Peckham, Head of Human Resources

IRIS HR Professional

“It’s really lots of little things that have made us value IRIS HR Professional, perhaps the biggest being how the software helps us adhere to our regulatory obligations. As a HR tool, it’s a great system to use, and I’d like to invest more time in exploring the possibilities of how else it can help us enhance our HR offering.”

Liverpool Mutual Homes

Michelle Griffith, HR Manager

Cascade HR

“The commitment, energy and co-operation that we all exerted to ensure this project was a success, deserves special praise. As a team, Liverpool Mutual Homes was determined to get this right. But that same dedication was also echoed by Cascade – a company which clearly places customer satisfaction at the top of its agenda.”

Muckle LLP

Julia Smith, Director of HR

Cascade HR

“Overall, implementation has been smooth and I think the best test of how valuable it has become is to think how we would manage if it were to be taken away from us. I cannot imagine running the HR function without it now which I think is a good testament. As such, I have and will continue to recommend Cascade to others.”