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Advocate for IRIS and get rewarded with no costs attached

The Affinity Partner Program for Accountants helps you create more meaningful relationships with your clients and cements your role as a trusted advisor – all whilst creating a new revenue stream for your practice.

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An exceptional partner experience

  • Growth

    Build a new sustainable revenue channel to help grow your practice

  • Success

    Provide your clients with solutions that will help them become more efficient

  • Support

    IRIS will manage your referrals from sale to implementation and support, so you can focus on the things that matter

A program that sets you up to succeed

As the Official supporter of Accountants, we know that your time is precious and that’s why we’ve designed the program with simplicity at its heart. We provide you with everything you need to deliver fast results with minimum effort, resources, and time needed from your firm.

So let us help you, help your clients, by introducing them to IRIS solutions.

How the referral program works

  1. Joining the Program

    Start your journey by joining the IRIS Affinity Partner Program for Accountants

  2. Promote IRIS Solutions

    Recommend IRIS solutions to your network of clients and prospects

  3. Get Rewarded

    You’ll receive a 20% commission for every referral that signs on as a new IRIS customer

A win-win partnership framework 

Grow your business and make the most of your position as your clients’ “most trusted advisor” by partnering with a market leading software company. 

Benefits for you

  • Build stronger client relationships and improve retention 
  • Attract new clients by creating differentiation  
  • Reinforce your trusted advisor status

Benefits for your clients 

  • Better decision making
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Increased productivity and time saving

You’ll be in great company 

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