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IRIS Ed:gen – the smart MIS for schools

In the fast-paced, demanding world of education, time is a precious commodity. IRIS Ed:gen gives school staff their valuable time back, along with the opportunity to excel in their roles, and promote better outcomes for students.

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Designed with you, for you, the smart and user-friendly school management information system streamlines the entire school day by:

  • Providing schools with all the information they need in one system so they only need to input data once
  • Automating processes to save countless hours of time and resource
  • Delivering powerful analytics that drive informed, timely, and effective decision making and improve performance

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Key Benefits

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Smarter school days

IRIS Ed:gen makes every school day smarter by empowering staff to manage all aspects of daily school life in one system. It integrates seamlessly with third party software to consolidate and speed-up processes. Enter data once and it will be automatically updated throughout the system to save time, improve accuracy, and maximise chances for student success.

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Quick and convenient

Designed with busy school staff in mind, IRIS Ed:gen saves time and makes life easier for school staff, helping them to excel in their roles and boost outcomes for students. Multitask with ease by working in different parts of the system simultaneously, save time and effort by only having to input data once, and complete everyday tasks, like taking the register, with just one click.

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Data at your fingertips

Cloud-based IRIS Ed:gen supports schools to unlock the power of real-time data via visual, easy-to-interpret (and interrogate) dashboards. Pre-configured role-based dashboards make it easy for staff to see everything from absences across the whole school to a breakdown of house points per year group.

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Robust permissions

Manage data protection and control which staff can access and amend which data with simple to set-up, customisable permissions. Tailor access by module or access levels based on school type, phase of education, or job role.

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Boost security with SaaS

Hosted in the cloud, IRIS Ed:gen optimises school operations and offers more secure data management. Disruptive updates are a thing of the past; with our software as a service (SaaS) model, schools can enjoy enhanced data security, single sign on and two factor authentication, seamless links with Microsoft and Google, and the ability to work any time, anywhere.

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Spotlight on functionality

Unsure what your school needs most from an MIS? Our expert, Nic Clark, has the answers…

“As a former teacher, and now product manager for IRIS Ed:gen, I know a thing or two about what schools need from an MIS. Before joining IRIS Education, I experienced many MIS implementations; the good, the bad, and the darn right ugly! We’ve used this experience to help shape IRIS Ed:gen, a truly game-changing MIS platform that has the potential to transform how schools operate – and how students perform – for the better.”

“I know teachers (or former teachers, in my case) shouldn’t pick favourites but, with more than 40 modules available as standard, I can’t list them all. So here are my top three pieces of IRIS Ed:gen functionality that your school will LOVE.”

  • Flexibly manage & track assessments
    “One of the really great things about IRIS Ed:gen is how you can use the system to easily manage and monitor assessment data all in one place, without relying on third parties. You can customise this functionality however you like – by curriculum, assessment type, or grade set – and when you move to IRIS Ed:gen you can bring all assessment data with you.”

    “Trust me, once you’ve experienced this functionality, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!”

  • Managing wellbeing
    “Never before has prioritising wellbeing – for students and staff – been so important. IRIS Ed:gen’s dedicated wellbeing module empowers schools to spot and proactively deal with the issue, with automated alerts that identify patterns in behaviour and enable schools to take a child-first approach and make early and appropriate interventions”.
  • Medical centre
    “This module makes operating the school medical centre a breeze, while ensuring staff and students receive the best possible care. It allows schools to easily monitor the frequency staff and students access the medical centre and provides an automated mechanism to manage stock and ensure medicines are available and in appropriate condition when needed.”

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“Ed:gen and Central have revolutionised the way data and insights are used within our trust, and we’re really excited about what else we’re going to be able to do over the next few years.”

David Houghton

COO at Kernow Learning

Unparalleled functionality at your fingertips

IRIS Ed:gen is a game changer in school management information systems; supporting back office staff, teachers, school senior leadership teams, and trust management to work smarter. Not harder.

The modular design – incorporating more than 40 modules as standard – combined with seamless integration, delivers unparalleled functionality and a future-fit MIS capable of meeting your evolving needs.

General School

School Manager

DSAR Manager

Admissions Manager

Pupil Manager

Pupil Profiles

Attendance Manager

Census Manager


Custom Reporting

Cover Manager (S)

Staff Manager

Export to Excel


Parental Engagement

Parent Portal

Student Portal

Staff Portal

Email and SMS

Calendar Manager

Communication Workflows

Daily Bulletin Manager

News Manager

Teaching, Learning & Assessment 

Teacher App

Rewards and Conduct Manager

Teaching Manager


Curriculum Manager

Training Manager

Exam Manager (S)

Detention Manager

Pupil Reports Manager

Exclusion Manager

Timetable Manager 

Safeguarding & Pastoral Care

Wellbeing and Safeguarding Manager

Medical Centre

SEN Management

Pupil Lists

Trust Wide Reporting

Student Centred Analytics

Staff & HR Analytics

Assessment, Progress & Attainment

Financial Analytics

Cashless Catering Analytics

40+ Pre Configured Dashboards

Build Your Own Dashboards and Reports

Drill Down Capabilities

Why IRIS Education?

IRIS Education is committed to supporting schools and trusts to improve productivity and performance and empower each student to reach their unique potential for success with our next generation EdTech solutions.

From pupil and parent engagement platforms and cashless catering apps to HR, finance, and school management information systems, our software supports schools and trusts to optimise processes and drive continuous improvement.

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Processing over

£15 million

of payments a month for schools and trusts across the UK


4 million

families to connect with their children’s schools


300 million

messages between schools and parents every year

Providing over


schools and two-thirds of UK MATs with the cornerstone of efficient operations

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